D-HG 400

High energy ignition device

The D-HG 400 high energy ignition device is suitable for the ignition of gas or liquid fuels in industrial burners of any capacity.

Available models

  • Compact set-up with mounted ignition lance D-ZL 500
  • Compact set-up with push-button for manual ignition
  • Separated set-up for wall mounting: Ignition lance connected by high voltage cable
  • Separated set-up for hazardous areas




  • Reliable ignition of gaseous fuels
  • Ignition of liquid fuels up to heavy oil grade 6
  • Suitable as “Ignitor Class 3 Special“ in accordance with NFPA 85
  • Thyristor controlled and therefore non-wearing electronic
  • Ignition feedback signal via potential-free relay output
  • LED indication at device
  • Integrated protection and control functionalities


  • Power stations
  • Chemical industry
  • Refineries
  • Cement plants
  • Waste incinerators
  • Steam generators
  • Heating plants
  • Claus plants

Technical Data

Mains voltage115 / 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz or 24 VDC
Switching performance220 VA
Ignition voltage / energy1500 V / 4.5 J
Power-on time300 s (Duty cycle 50%)
Perm. ambient temperatureD-HG 400-50, 51, 54Ex, 65:-20…+60°C
D-HG 400-72 Ex: -20... +40°C
ProtectionD-HG 400-50, 51, 65: IP65
D-HG 400-54 Ex: IP66
D-HG 400-72 Ex: IP66
Switching capacity250 VAC / 4A
Max. temperature of ignition tip600°C permanent, 800°C for short period (max. 2 min)
Operational life of the ignition tip1.000.000 ignition sparks
Ignition frequency20 sparks/s for 1min, thereafter 5 sparks/s
Dimensions housingD-HG 400-50, -51, -65: 155 x 108 x 188 mm (LxWxH)
Ex-protectionD-HG 400-54 Ex: II 2G Ex de IIC T6
D-HG 400-72 Ex: II 2GD Ex d IIC T6 Ex tD A21 IP66 T85°C
DimensionsLength min. 0.7 m, max. 15 m
Ø 22 mm
Weight1.6 kg/m at Ø 22 mm

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