Our technical field service carries out error analyses, corrects faults, repairs devices or replaces defective components with original spare parts from the manufacturer. You are completely on the safe side with the conclusion of a maintenance contract. In this case, our technicians will regularly check your installed devices and systems and ensure preventive maintenance.

If there is a legally required availability for your devices and systems, we are also there for you. An on-call service contract ensures the immediate response of our service team.

If contractual agreements are out of the question for you, you can of course order individual services and service calls from our technicians. When buying a new product, for example, we always recommend commissioning by a service specialist of the DURAG GROUP.

Your advantages by our Service on Site 

  • your equipment and systems always remain available for use
  • the competent and experienced service technicians of DURAG GROUP guarantee a high service quality
  • services can be secured by contract or ordered individually if required
  • you receive comprehensive services from commissioning, maintenance and fault clearance to support for official acceptance tests (QAL3, AST, ...)
  • you get an optimal service result through the exclusive use of original spare parts

Scope of our Service Contracts

The service contracts are individually tailored to your needs. You can choose from various services. We are happy to advise you.

Maintenance contract

  • individually compiled to meet the specific needs of the customer
  • for one or more products of DURAG GROUP
  • can be combined from several different services

On-call service contract

  • repair recording within the agreed period on site or via remote maintenance
  • spare parts and equipment stocking of system groups or components
  • hotline for problem solving via telephone according to the selected call time

Support contract for Environmental Data Management Systems

  • response times according to contract, selectable from local business hours to 24-hour Service
  • beginning of necessary remote maintenance work after four hours at the latest

Local service

For local service inquiries, please contact your nearest DURAG GROUP office:


Service for DURAG products

  +49 40 55 42 18-1157

Service for Environmental Data Management Systems (CEMS/DAHS) / Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS)

+49 40 554218 3000