HM-1400 TRX 2

Total Mercury Analyser

Certified total mercury analyser for continuous mercury measurement in stack or process gases allowing speciation of elemental and oxidised mercury.

QAL1 certification update:

  • Smallest certified measuring range: 0 … 15 µg/m³ for waste incinerators and large combustion plants
  • maintenance interval: 3 months
  • extended ambient temperature range: 0 … 50 °C





  • Continuous mercury measurement
  • Measuring principle allows specification of elemental and oxidised mercury
  • Automatic reference point check with internal HgCl2 reference gas generator
  • No extremely heated components, easy to maintain
  • Smallest certified measuring range 0…15 µg/m3
  • QAL1 certified according to EN 15267

    Your Benefit

    • QAL1 certified according to EN 15267
      Type approved according to EN 15267-1, EN 15267-2, EN 15267-3 and EN 14181
    • Continuous measurement
      HM-1400 TRX 2 allows real-time monitoring of Hg emissions and is therefor suitable for process control and process optimization
    • Gas extraction with vacuum pump
      No expensive instrument air preparation for gas extraction required
    • No extremely heated components, easy to maintain
      The HM-1400 TRX 2 does not contain any extremely heated components and is thereby easy to maintain
    • Measuring principle allows Hg speciation
      The Speciation results immediately demonstrate and validate Hg reduction strategies and technologies or effect of alternative fuels
    • Remote access
      Remote monitoring (off-site and/or through plant control systems) results in minimized technician


    • power industry (coal-fired power plants)
    • waste incineration (municipal waste, hazardous waste, sewage sludge)
    • cement industry
    • steel industry (steelworks with scrap metal reconditioning
    • fluorescent light bulb recycling



    Technical Data

    flue gas typeair, flue gas, non-flammable process gas
    flue gas temperatureup to 300°C
    inner duct pressure (gauge)-50 ... +20 hPa
    flue gas relative humidity0 ... 100 % rel. humidity
    duct inner diameter> 500 mm
    measuring principleatomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) with means of a dual beam UV photometer after conversion of oxidised mercury to elemental mercury
    IED 2010/75/EU
    QAL1 EN 15267-1:2009, EN 15267-2:2009, EN 15267-3:2008, EN 14181:2015
    constructionextractive analyser, distance between sample probe and analyser: 1 ... 40 m
    measuring sequencecontinuously
    system componentsHM-1400 S T sample tube, heated or not heated (3)
    HM-1400 S P sample probe with heated filter
    HM-1400 PL heated sample line
    HM-1400 TRX 2 analyzer
    control functionsautomatic leak check
    automatic zero point check with ambient air
    automatic reference point check with internal HgCl2 reference gas generator
    manual reference point check with external reference gas generator
    sample flow rateminimum: 70 l/h
    normal: 100 l/h
    maximum: 130 l/h
    delay timetyp. < 178 s (at V/t = 100l/h and with 40m sample line)
    measurementstotal mercury concentration Hgtotal after calibration with standard reference method (2)
    light source, spectral rangemercury lamp, 253.7 nm
    measuring ranges Hgtotal0 … 15 μg/m3, 0 … 400 μg/m3, 0 … 3,000 μg/m3 (1)
    output range HgtotalOutput range freely programmable. Any range within the measuring range can be assigned to the analogue output
    certified measuring ranges0 ... 15 μg/m3 (4), 0 … 45 μg/m3, 0 ... 75 μg/m3
    zero point drift< 2.5 % of measuring range per maintenance interval
    lack-of-fit (linearity)< 2% of measuring range
    detection limit0.015 µg/m³
    process connectionflange DN65 PN6
    analogue outputs3x 4 ... 20 mA, max. 500 Ohm, capable of being parameterized
    digital outputs9x contact NC/NO, function capable of being parameterized
    digital inputs8x status input, function capable of being parameterized
    power supply 230/400 V 3x25A, N, PE 50 Hz max. 10kVA
    instrument air supplyinput pressure > 3 … 8 bar, max. 500 l/h (in calibration gas operation)
    input pressure > 3 … 13 bar, max. 100 l/h (in measurement operation with dilution) (1)
    dimensionssheet steel cabinet, RAL 7035,
    hxwxd ca: 1700 x 800 x 500mm, others on request
    operationoperating panel in front door with display, remote access for DURAG service by TCP/IP as an option (1)

    ambient temperature
    probe: -20 ... +50°C
    analyser: +0 ... +50°C
    IP protection (EN 60529)IP54
    dimensions (hxwxd)1700 x 800 x 500 mm
    weightapprox. 220 kg
    materialsheet steel, painted
    sample probesample probe with inside heated filter element and inlet for heated test gas, PT 100 temperature sensor, controlled by HM-1400 TRX 2, 230V L, N, PE 50/60Hz, 650VA
    sample tubevariations:
    not heated, length 1000 or 1500mm
    heated, length 180, 600, 1000 or 1500mm
    power 230VAC L,N,PE 600/800/1200 W / PT 100 supplied by HM-1400 TRX 2 (1)
    sample linetemperature controlled 200°C heated sample line, IP 65
    power supply 230V L,N,PE, 50-60 Hz, 90-100 W/m
    subject to technical modifications!
    (1)Variants / Options
    (2)The HM-1400 TRX 2 extracts sample from the process, removes H2O by condensation inside a cooler and standardizes the result with respect to T and p.
    (3)If the stack gas temperature is < 200°C then a heated sample tube is recommended, because the species HgCl2 is absorbed by surfaces with T < 140°C.
    (4)For large combustion plants and waste incinerators