D-R 820 F

Extractive scattered light analyser

Extractive dust monitor for wet sample gas to monitor low to medium dust concentrations.


  • extractive measurement, continuous measurement, dilution of the sample
  • suitable for systems with variable gas speed
  • hyperkinetic sampling
  • allows calibration to measure the dust concentration in mg/m3
  • single sided mounting to the chimney
  • automatic zero and reference point check
  • automatic measurement and correction of contamination of optical surfaces
  • laser light source with long lifetime
  • easy installation, adjustment and maintenance without a PC
  • local control panel and LCD display


Suitable for dust concentration measurement

  • at garbage, hazardous waste and sewage sludge incinerators
  • at power stations with gas, oil, coal or co-firing
  • at systems behind the flue gas scrubber
  • at systems behind desulfurization
  • at systems with low exhaust temperature and constant or occasional dew point

Technical Data

measurementssattered light value, allows calibration as dust concentration in mg/m3
sample gasair, flue gas, non flammable process gas
dust concentration**
(typical values at the site)
1 - 15 / 2 - 50 / 5 - 100 / 10 - 200 mg/m3
flow speed1 - 35 m/s
duct diameter> 0,4 m
sample gas temperature-25 to 220°C
sample gas pressure-30 to +2 hPa
sample gas moisture> 100 % relative humidity, max. 30g/m3 H2O as aerosol
ambient temperature-20 to +50°C, others on request
conformity2000/76/EG WID / 17. BImschV
2001/80/EG LCPD / 13. BImschV
Measuring principleextraction of sample gas, dilution and heating to vaporize H2O aerosols. Consequent measurement of light intensity being scattered in forward direction by dust particles
light sourcelaser diode, red 650 nm
typein situ, mounted at stack, probe in contact with sample gas
system componentsD-R 820F P probe incl. extractive system
D-R 820F blower unit
D-R 820F SU Supply, control and display unit
measuring rangecan be parametrized
expanded uncertanty acc. to EN 14181 / EN ISO 14956 / EN 15267-3better than 1,5 mg/m3 at particle size 1-2mü
output rangescaling of scattered light values in mg/m3, assigned to analog output, range switching to 2nd range as option (ratio 1:3), display of measured values in mg/m3
process connectionflange similar to DN80, PN6, pitch circle 150mm, tube ID = 100mm
power supply200-264 VAC, 1.500 VA, 24 VDC, from D-R 820F SU,
others on request
protectionIP 55
dimensions (h x w x d)1.050 x 600 x 1.500 mm (1.000 mm immersion depth)
materialhousing: FRPl
probe: 1.4517, hastelloy 2.4610*
weightca. 45 kg
output signal4 - 20 mA / 500 Ohm
status output4 x relay, max. load 35V 0,4A
status input1 x dry contact, purge
power supply230 / 400 V, 50Hz 3L, N, PE, 3 x 16A, 3.500 VA
supplies D-R 820F P and D-R 820F Blower, others on request
protectionIP 55
dimensions (h x w x d)400 x 600 (1.200***) x 410 mm
*** width if cabinet is open
materialsheet steel, painted RAL 7035
weightca. 20 kg
power supply2 x 230/400 V 50 Hz, 3L, PE, from D-R 820F SU
others on request
protectionIP 65
dimensions (h x w x d)600 x 800 x 400 mm
weightca. 40 kg
Bemerkung* variants
** the suitability of the D-R 820F for the listed ranges depends on the kind of dust and the size distribution
Subject to technical modifications!