Product launch compact flame monitor D-LX 110/710

Easy, versatile and flexible

The D-LX 100 compact flame monitor product family with nearly 50,000 devices installed worldwide is now followed by the successor D-LX 110/710. The new product family is available in versions which are electrically downward compatible to existing installations of D-LX 100 devices so that an exchange to the extended functionality and performance is straightforward.

In addition to the proven features of its predecessor like different detectors for the monitoring of all usual fuels and ideal support for Functional Safety, the D-LX 110/710 features a local display of status parameters and settings at a single glance, a very wide ambient temperature range, and easy adjustment even of safety critical parameters.

With these features the compact flame monitor is ideally prepared for the monitoring of flames of different fuels in environments with optically separated flames.

For further Information please click one of the following links:

D-LX 110 (version for direct view)

D-LX 710 (version for use with fibre optic systems)

Brochure D-LX 110/710

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