GRIMM successfully launches new aerosol spectrometer

11-D sets new standards in reliability and flexibility

GRIMM successfully introduced a new portable aerosol spectrometer at the International Aerosol Conference in St. Louis in September 2018. The device, called 11-D, complements GRIMM's successful range of compact aerosol spectrometers and sets new standards in precision, reliability and flexibility.

Delivery of first orders in the fourth quarter of 2018
The 11-D replaces five previous models. On the one hand, the 11-D consolidates GRIMM's product range. On the other hand, all the advantages of the predecessor models have been combined in one device. "No other company offers so many aerosol spectrometers in such a compact form. This also convinced a US manufacturer of smartphones. Delivery of the first orders will now begin in the fourth quarter of 2018," says Dr. Friedhelm Schneider, Product Manager at GRIMM.

Functionality of the 11-D
The device works according to the measuring principle of scattered light detection of individual particles with very high size resolution. For better understanding, this can be compared to an extremely fast money counting machine. "You pour a bag of money into the top and the GRIMM 11-D tells you after only six seconds how high the amount is, as well as the ratio of coins and notes. Other suppliers on the market place the bag with the money on a scale and then say: "approx. 5,000 euros", but have no idea whether there are notes or coins in it," says Dr. Schneider from GRIMM.

Strong improvements over predecessor models
GRIMM has significantly improved the 11-D compared to its predecessors. The optical measuring cell has been completely redesigned, new instrument software has been implemented, the electronics have been improved and a completely redesigned battery has been added. Also new: The product design was consistently aligned with the design of the DURAG GROUP.

GRIMM aerosol spectrometer 11-D

The GRIMM aerosol spectrometer 11-D replaces five previous models and sets new standards in precision, reliability and flexibility.

Outstanding precision
Unique to this new aerosol spectrometer is the output of nine dust mass fractions, the total number of particles and the particle size distribution with excellent precision. "The GRIMM 11-D therefore not only provides a measured value, but also, thanks to its outstanding size resolution, a reference point for evaluating the dust measurement. It is this outstanding precision through 31 detected particle size channels that makes the 11-D interesting for scientists and aerosol research," explains Dr. Schneider.

Broad range of applications
The 11-D covers a very wide range of applications where dust mass or number of particles are of interest. Such applications can be: aerosol research, fine dust PM2.5 in interiors according to VDI 4300 Part 11, interior air quality in buildings and vehicles, dust pollution at the workplace according to EN 481 with high time resolution or indication measurements of fine dust in the outside air.

More information about the portable aerosol spectrometer 11-D can be found Opens external link in new windowhere.

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