The module D-EMS 2000 Cloud expands the visualization and access to your data. Your data and logs are stored securely online and you can always and everywhere have access. It does not matter how you are surfing the internet, whether by computer, your smartphone or tablet PC.

The following data can be accessed or visualized in the D-EMS 2000 cloud:

  • Environmental and process data as bar charts and line graphs
  • Status reports from the plant or of the measuring device
  • Measured values in tabular form (PDF & CSV)
  • Classification protocols
  • System messages with comments
  • Climate data with Windrose and temperature scale

The Module D-EMS 2000 Cloud includes the following software and services: The software is designed to provide your evaluated data in the D-EMS 2000 Cloud and is installed in your D-EMS 2000 system to ensure an automatic transmission to the cloud.

By the use of SSL protocol the transmission and access security of your sensitive data is ensured. The transmission is encrypted using SFTP and authentication at the D-EMS 2000 Cloud (HTTPS) by the use of user name and password.

The services "Ongoing servicing" means the provision of space within the D-EMS 2000 Cloud and a daily check od data integrity. One hour after the day change the entire database of the operator, within D-EMS 2000 CLoud, is examined for completeness.

In the case of a fault, this is still recognized in the night and can be fixed the next day. Within D-EMS 2000 Cloud your data availability is assured at all times.

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