D-EMS 2020

Environmental- and Process Data Management System


The D-EMS 2020 system is an Environmental & Process Data Management System which corresponds to today’s legal requirements and is conceptually prepared for future guidelines. The system enables the collection, calculation long-term storage and visualisation of environmental data of most diverse areas.

The used hardware and software components are suitability tested by TÜV Rheinland and fulfill the European regulations considering the directives 2010/75/EU (IED) und 2015/2193/EU (MCP), as well as the European Standard EN 14181, US EPA and other national requirements.

The evaluation system operates under Windows. It is network compatible and has all features of a modern software product able to communicate. The system is modular structured and offers the possibility of implementing most diverse user specific solutions.

All calculations, storage and display are performed on the D-EMS 2020 Server. Additional workstations or clients can be connected via network with diverse functions.

Data Acquisition

  • 1024 Analog Inputs
  • 1024 Analog Outputs
  • 2048 Digital Inputs
  • 2048 Digital Outputs


  • 0-20mA
  • Modbus  RTU / TCP
  • PROFIBUS Master (VDI 4201)
  • Elan
  • OPC UA
  • Mode 4

Data Export

  • PDF, XLS, XML, CSV-files

Data Security

  • Data buffer in the D-MS 500 FC data logger with internal ring memory of min. 64 days
  • Internal data storage with dual redundancy via RAID1
  • External data storage
  • Storage manager including alarm messages

Internet-/Intranet Connection

  • Automatic data transfer to any web server in the Internet for visualisation via HTML
  • Daily data control


  • Reporting (daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.)
  • Bar and Line charts with current and historical data
  • Alarm and Event management with comment functionality


Suitability tested in terms of 1st, 2nd, 13th, 17th, 27th, 30th, 31th BImSchV and TI Air in 2012 by the TÜV Rheinland in Cologne. The D-EMS 2000 fulfills the requirements of the European directives EC 14 181 (QAL), 2000/76/EC (WID), 2001/80/EC (LCPD) and DIN EN 15267.

The Software is MCERTS certified by Sira Certification Service. (Certificate No: Sira MC140247/00)

MCERTS Performance Standards and Test Procedures for Environmental Data Management Software, Version 4, (September 2017) in respect of:

  • Part A - Generic Software Quality
  • Part B - Data Management General Aspects
  • Part C1 – CEMS data management applications – Generic Requirements
  • Part C2 - CEMS Data Management Applications - EN 14181 Requirements


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