Explosion proof ignition systems

The wheeled ignition units are designed and individually customized on request for ignition applications in which no pilot burner or ignition burner can be installed or if simple spark ignition is insufficient.

The ignition unit is based on an integrated, reliably working SMITSVONK high energy igniter which starts a self-aspirating SMITSVONK ignition burner.

The wheeled models come as easy-to-handle trolleys with two or four wheels and allow the storage of up to four standard gas bottles.


  • Flexible and mobile use at furnaces, boilers or ground flares
  • Hard-wearing design for industrial environments and hazardous areas
  • Non-sensitive against moisture and dirt
  • Integrated non-wearing high energy ignition unit
  • Independent from additional air supply due to self aspirating ignition
  • Available for different gases and pressures


  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Ground flares

Technical Data

Supply voltage24, 120 or 230 VAC
Cables and hoses2 reels
25 m power supply cable
11 m gas hose including high voltage cable
Igniter typeself aspirating
Integrated ignition systemSMITSVONK high energy igniter, type E-LIGHT
Switches and valvesexplosion proof
Pressure equipmentpressure reducer and downstream pressure gauge
Suitable gases
(bottles, not included)
standard: propane
alternatively: LPG, butane, natural or refinery gas
Optionsintegrated ionisation flame monitoring
Explosion protection high energy igniterII 3G Ex d IIB T5
Ignition burner typeSMITSVONK, self aspirating, type 7
Ignition burner diameter38 mm
Ignition burner length1000 mm (other lengths on request)
Ignition burner capacity20 kW
Ignition burner materialsSS316 / 1.4401
SS321 / 1.4541
Optionsreduced ignition burner diameter: 25 mm (not for natural gas) 
Explosion protection high energy igniterII 2G Ex d IIC T4
Ignition burner typeSMITSVONK, self aspirating, type 51
Ignition burner diameter48 or 51 mm
Ignition burner length1000 mm (other lengths on request)
Ignition burner capacity180 - 350 kW
Ignition burner materialsSS310 / 1.4845
SS316 / 1.4401

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