D-VE 500

Pneumatic Retraction Unit

Pneumatic retraction units D-VE 500 allow the precise and repeatable positioning of the ignition tip at any time during the operating process of the burner.

Retracting the ignition lance after the successful ignition provides the ignition lance from damages due to high temperatures during burner operation.

Retraction units of the D-VE 500 series are compatible with

  • High energy ignition devices D-HG 500-50, -51, -52 with directly mounted lances D-ZL 500
  • Rigid ignition lances D-ZL 521 for safe areas
  • Rigid ignition lances for hazardous areas, as D-ZL 441Ex


  • Automatic insertion and retraction of ignition lances
  • Compressed air drive
  • Direction change and speed control by solenoid valve
  • Non-contact limit switches
  • Available stroke lengths: 300, 400, 500 and 600mm
  • Operational overpressure up to 10 bar
  • Pressure-tight and/or explosion protected models also available


Technical Data

Max perm. pressure of instrument air10 bar
Max. ambient temperature-5...+50°C
Sheer force at 6 bar1870 N
Retraction force at 6 bar1682 N
Weight (approx.)300 mm stroke: 9.0 kg
400 mm stroke: 11.0 kg
500 mm stroke: 12.5 kg
600 mm stroke: 14.0 kg
Electric control24 VDC or 115/230 VAC
Ex- protection limit switch NAMUR (optional)II 2 G Ex ia IIC T4...T6
Ex-solenoid valve (optional)II 2 GD Ex m II T5


Terminal box for connecting solenoid valve and limit switch:

  • IP66 (normal environment)
  • IP65 (explosion protected model) Ex-protected: II 2 G Ex e ia IIC T6


Weather protection hoods

  • for 300mm stroke
  • for 400mm stroke
  • for 500mm stroke
  • for 600mm stroke

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