D-ISC 100

Universal operating unit

Universal display and operating unit in stainless steel field housing for connecting all new generation DURAG measuring systems. Ease your installation by combining several emission and flow measuring devices with only one operating unit. Realize redundant system setups with the D-ISC 100 easily and efficiently.


  • Automatic sensor detection allows easy installation and setup
  • Convenient operation by keypad and big display
  • Quick parametrization of the connected sensors
  • Maintenance and monitoring via safe intranet / internet remote access
  • Integrated power supply for one DURAG sensor
  • Efficient upgrading by internal expansion modules and converters


Suitable for all new DURAG dust and volume flow measurement systems, display and operating unit for several DURAG sensors.

The universal display and operating unit D-ISC 100 can be connected to up to 8 DURAG sensors.
The big LC display simultaneously shows up to 4 measuring results.

Direct access to all measuring values and parameters of the connected sensors.

The D-ISC 100 allows parameterization and maintenance of all connected sensors via the integrated keypad or a connected PC.
The D-ISC 100 also supports remote access via intranet or internet connection.

Suitable for all new generation DURAG Sensors

e.g. D-FL 100, D-FL 220, D-FL 220T, D-R 220, D-R 220T, D-R 290 2G, D-R 320



Technical Data

ConformitiesCE, RoHS, VDI 4201-3, DIN EN 14181 / DIN EN ISO 14956 / EN 15267-3
(in combination with certified measuring systems)
CertificatesCE, COC QAL1 DIN EN 14181 / DIN EN ISO 14956 / EN 15267-3
(in combination with certified measuring systems)
System componentsD-ISC 100 universal operating unit
Extension module Modbus RTU slave (option)
Internal DIN rail converter Profibus DP (option)
Extension module analogue IN 4 analogue inputs (option)
Extension module analogue OUT 4 analogue outputs (option)
Extension module digital IN 8 digital inputs (option)
Extension module digital OUT 8 relais outputs (option)
Software module Modbus TCP (option)
Self-check, protective functionsPassword protection, self-check, sensor status monitoring
Usage withD-FL 100, D-FL 220, D-FL 220T, D-R 220, D-R 220T, D-R 290 2G, D-R 320
Electrical connections1x Mini-USB
1x DURAG device connector M23 (option)
Digital interfaces1x USB (service)
1x DURAG Modbus
1x Modbus RTU / RS-485 (optional extension module)
1x Profibus DP (optional DIN rail converter)
1x Modbus TCP (optional software module)
Analogue outputs1x 4 … 20 mA, 400 Ohm, isolated, assignment programmable up to 17x with extension modules (option)
Analogue inputsNone (standard)
16x with extension modules (option) 4 … 20 mA, 50 Ohm, zero point programmable
Digital outputs3x relais output, contact NC/NO, permissible load 48 V, 0.5 A potential free, assignment programmable
up to 35x by extension modules (option)
Digital inputs1x digital input (standard), potencial free, assignment programmable
up to 33x by extension modules (option)
Power supply90 … 264 VAC, 48 … 62 Hz, 200 VA
Display, status LEDsGraphical LC display 120 x 92 mm, 5 LEDs for status display
Service software D‑ESI 100, including remote access via web-interface (option, requires Windows-PC). Remote access via USB / Modbus RTU (option) / Modbus TCP (option)
Ambient temperature (operational)-20 … +50 °C (-4 … 122 °F)
-40 … +60 °C (-40 … 140 °F) (option)
IP protection class (IEC 60529)IP65
Relative ambient humidity≤ 95% RH, non-condensing. Use weather protection hood for ≥ 95% RH
Altitude≤ 2000 m
EX zoneZone 2 (option)
Dimensions (hxwxd)220 x 335 x 145 mm
286 x 335 x 145 mm (incl. cable glands)
Weightapprox. 5 kg
MaterialStainless steel 1.4301, painted blue RAL 5017

Subject to technical modifications.

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