Extractive Dust Concentration Monitor

Dust measuring analyser especially for wet stack gases and for blast furnace gas (BFG) monitoring.


  • C-14 method, no measureable decay of activity, low activity
  • Automatic zero correction
  • Pre-calibrated, unaffected by particle size. colour or moisture
  • Venturi controlled sample flow rate at 1–3 m3/h
  • Isokinetic sampling
  • Optional dilution sample probe for high dust concentrations or after wet scrubbers
  • Collected particulates available for heavy metal analysis
  • Special design with flushing of measuring chamber and CO-MAC-monitoring at dust measuring of blast furnace gas (BFG)


  • Coal and oil fired power plants
  • Waste incinerators (urban, industrial and hazardous waste)
  • Waste water sludge incinerators
  • Dust monitoring after wet scubbers or in very wet waste exhaust gases
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Measuring of very low emission dust concentration
  • Small diameter stack monitoring of dust concentration
  • Particulate monitoring in process applications

Technical Data

MeasurandDust concentration
Measuring range0-1 ... 0-1000 mg/Nm3
Measuring principleBeta-ray-absorption
Sample gas temperature0-250°C, optional up to 500°C
Sample gas pressure-100 bis +100 hPa
Stack wall>0,5 m
Ambient temperature0 up to +50°C, cooling unit optional
ProtectionIP43 (with filter fan), modifiable for IP54
Measuring outputs2 x 0 / 4-20 mA / 500 Ohm
Digital outputs11 relay contacts, load 24 V / 25 VA
Digital inputs2 floating inputs
Accuracy< ± 2% from range
Detection limit< 0,1 mg/Nm3
Span drift< 1% from range per week
Zero driftautomatic zero-point correction
Power supply230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz,
Analyser: 1,3 kVA
Sample probe: 1,7 kW
Sample line: 120W/m
Cooling unit/heater (option): 1kW
Dimensions (H x W xD)1600 x 800 x 800 mm
Weight200...250 kg
Pressurised air6-8 bar, instrument air
RemarkOption: Monitoring of dust concentration in blast furnace gas (BFG)

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