D-FS 50

Furnace Camera

Digital Furnace Camera delivers brilliant live video directly out of the combustion chamber.

Available in air or water cooled versions for process temperatures up to 2000°C.

The D-FS 50 can be combined with the D-VT 50 Video System or the D-VTA 200 Thermography Analysis System.


  • Up to 2000°C
    Air or water cooled versions for the use inside the combustion chamber
  • Different FOV (field of view)
    Adaptation of the lens system to the application
  • Digital colour camera
    Progressive scan with 1280x960
  • PT100
    Monitoring the temperature at the sensor tip
  • Length up to 1500 mm (60")
    Different lengths for adaptation to wall thickness and installation position
  • Modular design
    Minimises repair costs in the extreme case of permanent cooling media failure - sapphire window separately replaceable

Your Benefit

  • Brilliant live images
    High resolution lens, perfectly suited for low light, combined with modern digital camera: live video in real time
  • Detection of radiation changes
    Due to the non automatic but remotely controlled exposure time radiation changes of the process or the flame can be detected immediately
  • Wide view
    Installation with protection tube in the furnace wall, no protection window neccessary
  • Low maintenance
    No retraction unit neccessary - special high temperature lens survives short interruption of cooling media without damage 
  • Flexible system
    Optional upgrade with Thermography and Analysis Modules, adaptation to the application possible


Technical Data

Video system
Resolution GigE (Standard)
Measurement range
with D-VTA 200 software
800°C - 2000°C
D-FS 50 ...W70-700
D-FS 50 ...A60-700

app. 6.4 kg
app. 4.2 kg
Maximum temperature in
combustion chamber
D-FS 50 ... W70-xxxx
D-FS 50 ... A60-xxxx

up to 2000°C
up to 1600°C
Temperature monitoring
at endoscope tip
Maximum ambient temperature-30 ... +60°C
Furnace pressure-100 ... +100 mbar
Cooling media (water cooled version)
Amount of cooling water
Amount of purge air

>500 l/h
>10 Nm3/h
Cooling media (air cooled version)
Amount of cooling air
Amount of purge air

>30 Nm3/h
>10 Nm3/h


  • Sensor control unit for power supply and signal transmission (D-SCU xx)
  • Mounting flange for fixed installation
  • 15 m Ethernet cable M12 plugs
  • 15 m Power cable M12 plugs
  • 20 m Ethernet cable M12 plugs
  • 20 m Power cable M12 plugs
  • Two stage air filter system for purge and cooling air  

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