D-VTA 200 Mobile

The D-VTA 200 Mobile is a transportable Video and Thermography Analysis System to monitor and document industrial high temperature processes.

It can be combined with all digital Furnace Sensors D-FS. The temperature range and the resolution depends on the used type of Furnace Sensor.

Basic System


  • Dedicated notebook
  • POE Ethernet Switch
  • Power supply 110/230VAC, 50-60Hz


  • Live and Thermography Image
  • Free defineable ROIs (Region Of Interest) for measuring the temperature
  • Video recording to HDD 
  • Historical Alarm Display
  • SQL database with historical storage
  • SQL to ASCII export, for importing into Excel
  • User defineable historical Trend Display
  • Limo (Line Of Interest) function and history

Offline Thermography

The D-VTA 200 Offline enables the user to thermography videos retrospectivly (offline) which are recorded on a D-VTA 200 System.

The available offline videos can be selected on the desktop. The Offline Thermography contains the standard functionality of an online system like:

  • Moving of ROI and LOI positions
  • Historical data from the offline database
  • Printing and saving















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