Pneumatic Retraction Unit

Пневматическое подающее устройство

Correct positioning of the ignition tip near the fuel/air mixture is a pre-requisite for reliable ignition of a burner with a high-energy ignition device. But temperatures in the optimal ignition zone are usually much too high during burner operation, resulting in possible damage to the ignition tip.
The pneumatic retraction mechanism assumes the task of positioning the ignition tip precisely into the ignition zone of the burner and retracting it again after successful ignition.

Краткий обзор

  • Automatic insertion and retraction of ignition lances
  • Compressed air drive
  • Direction change with solenoid valve
  • Speed control
  • Non-contact limit switch
  • For use with different ignition deviceses Smitsvonk-Durag
  • Standard stroke length: 300 mm, other on request
  • Pressure-tight and/or explosion protected models also available
  • Construction material: SST
  • Special tubing, cable gland and position switches on request


  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Ground flares

Технический данные

Pneumatic Retraction UnitFor ignition lance
Diameter: 17,2 mm
Stroke300 mm
Insert length (I)300 - 6.000 mm
Connection1 1/2" ANSI 150 Lbs RF
Air connection1/2" NPT
Material PRU316 SST
Material lance310 SST
Solenoid valve5/2 monostable
Power supply solenoid valve24 VDC
Speed controller2 x
Limit switches2 x
Ignition unitDHG400
Power supply Ignition unit230 VAC, +10% -15%
Dimensions enclosure ignition unit380 x 380 x 210 mm

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