D-RC 120

Automatic sampling device for gravimetric dust measurements

The D-RC 120 is an automatic sampling device for gravimetric dust measurements to adjust or calibrate dust monitors for the measurement of dust in mg/m3.

The D-RC 120 extracts isokinetically a partial gas stream from the measuring gas duct whereas the extraction is controlled fully automatically. The partial gas stream is sucked through a filter in which the contained dust is deposited. The dust concentration is determined by weighing the filter before and after the extraction.

The design of the D-RC 120 meets the requirements of DIN EN 13284-1 and US-EPA Method 5.

Please note that this product was discontinued on August 31st, 2020. Further details are given in the end of life notification.


  • Portable system
  • Easy handling
  • Automatic isokinetic sampling
  • Suitable for in-stack and out-stack sampling
  • Highest measuring accuracy
  • Probe available in stainless steel and titanium
  • Compliant with EN 13284-1, VDI 2066, EN ISO 9096 and US-EPA Method 5


  • Calibration of dust monitors in mg/m3 according to DIN EN 13284-1 and VDI 2066
  • Adjustment of dust monitors before performing QAL 2
  • Determination of dust concentration at stacks for internal quality control
  • Measurements at filter plants

Technical Data

Sample gas typeAir, flue gas, non-flammable process gas
sample gas temperature0 ... 500 °C
Sample gas dust concentration0.1 ... 2000 mg/m3
Inner duct pressure-200 ... +20 hPa relative to ambient
Sample gas relative humidity< 95% rel. humidity, noncondensing,
optional measurement in saturated flue gas below the dew point
Sample gas flow velocity2 ... 39 m/s
Duct inner diameter0.35 ... 6 m
Measuring principleGravimetric analysis
ConformitiesEN 13284-1, VDI 2066, EN ISO 9096, US-EPA Method 5
MeasurementDust concentration
Measuring locationIn-stack, optional out-stack
System componentsD-RC 120 MD Automatic isokinetic sampling device
- D-RC 120 control unit
- Pump
- Pulsation damper
- Dryer tower
- External sensor unit
- Windows software, accessories
D-RC 120 FD filter head device, suitable for plane filters or filter thimbles
D-RC 120 P combination probe, heatable, incl. gooseneck with nozzles
Physical measuring valuesDust concentration
Differential pressure
Absolute pressure
Partial volume flow
Measuring range dust concentration0.1 ... 2000 mg/m3
Measuring range differential pressure0.01 ... 10 hPa
Measuring range absolute pressure400 ... 1.300 hPa
Measuring range temperature0 ... 500 °C
Measuring range partial volume flow0.5 ... 4 m3/h
Electrical interfaces1x 12 V output for piezo siren
1x 4...20 mA input
1x RS 485 with USB converter for PC communication
Mechanical interfaces
Power supply230 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz as an option
OperationWindows software, requires netbook/laptop with Windows 7 or 8
Ambient temperature (operational)-10 ... +60°C
IP protection class (IEC 60529)IP 33
Electrical safetyCE
Dimensions (h x w x d)Approx. 350 x 280 x 250 mm
WeightApprox. 8.5 kg
TypePlane Filter Head Device,
Tubular-Plane Filter Head Device as alternative
Dimensions Plane Filter Head Device (lxd)120 mm x 55 mm
Dimensions Tubular-Plane Filter Head Device (lxd)145 mm x 55 mm
Nozzle diameter6, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm
Diameter plane filter45 mm
Length filter thimble68 mm
WeightApprox. 1 kg without gooseneck and nozzle
MaterialStainless steel, optional titanium
Probe length1000 ... 3000 mm, others on request
Probe diameter70 mm, quick relase clamp for 3" port
Weight1.5 kg + 5.4 kg/m
MaterialStainless steel, optional titanium

Subject to technical modifications!

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