D-VTA 200

For waste to energy and biomass plants

The D-VTA 200 Thermography Analysis System is designed to work with all  digital DURAG furnace sensors. One or more DURAG furnace sensors can be connected to one D-VTA 200 System.

Together with a DURAG furnace sensor, the software delivers online temperature distributions directly from the combustion chamber. The temperature range and the resolution depend on the used type of furnace sensor.

Depending on the application different analysing software modules are available. The software modules FlameFront and FlameProfile are especially developed for grate fired furnaces.



  • 19" industrial PC
  • 24'' LED monitor


  • Live and thermography image
  • Free defineable ROIs (Region of Interest) for measuring the temperature
  • Video recording to HDD
  • Remote control of DURAG furnace sensor and the optional retraction unit
  • Historical alarm display
  • SQL database with historical storage
  • SQL to ASCII export, i.e. for importing to Excel
  • User defineable historical trend display
  • Limo (Line of Interest) function and history



Your Benefit

  • Enhance combustion efficiency
    The Output of the software modules Flame Front and Flame Profile can be used to regulate the primary air and the stoke rate or the grate Speed. This helps to burn more waste or to increase the efficiency.
  • SNCR optimisation
    The Software module Flame Profile can be used to control the amonia injection at the right temperture. This will reduce the amonia slip and so the cost for amonia.
  • Reduce ware and down time
    The system shows the temperatur distribution and so the hotspots can be reduced. This means less ware at the grate.

Flame Front

D-VTA 200 Flame Front

The D-VTA 200 FlameFront software is designed for the use in a grate furnace like a waste incinerator, or biomass plant.

Based on the thermography, the software calculates the distance between the flame front and the drop of zone.

The values can be sent over a process connecton to the DCS and can be used to optimise the fuel/waste feed, the air amount under the grates or the speed of the grates.

Flame Profile

D-VTA 200 Flame Frofile

The D-VTA 200 FlameProfile software is designed for the use in a grate furnace like a waste incinerator, or biomass plant.

Based on the thermography, the software calculates a temperature profile on the grate.

The values can be send over a process connecton to the DCS and can be used to optimise the SNCR injection and to reduce the amonia slip.



Software options


  • WebServer for remote view over LAN/Internet with a web-browser
  • Live and Thermography Images
  • System status
  • Data Export to local ASCII-files

D-VTA 200 AutoVideo

  • Separate HDD for automatic video records of the last 10 days

Process Connections



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