D-DAS 2000

Environmental- and Process Data Management System

D-DAS 2000

The D-DAS 2000 is an Environmental Data Management System which corresponds to today’s legal requirements and are conceptually prepared for future guidelines. The system enables the collection, calculation long-term storage and visualization of environmental data of most diverse areas. The used software components are made for evaluation according to the European regulations, the US-EPA as well as the European Standards EN 14181.

D-DAS 2000 is not certified.

There is always an anytime upgrade possible to the D-EMS 2000 system which is suitability checked by the German TÜV and fulfils the European regulations for power plants (Directive 2001/80/EC) and waste incinerators (Directive 2000/76/EC), as well as the European Standard EN 14181, EN 15267 and other national requirements like VDI 4201.

The complete system operates under Windows. It is network compatible and has all features of a modern software product able to communicate. The system ist modular structured and offers the possibility of implementing most diverse user specific solutions. It is thereby suitable not only for complex systems but also for the smaller ones.

Data Acquisition

  • 64 Analog Inputs
  • 64 Analog Outputs
  • 128 Digital Inputs
  • 128 Digital Outputs


  • 0-20mA
  • Modbus
  • PROFIBUS Master (VDI 4201)
  • Elan
  • OPC UA

Data Export

  • Interface to MS-Excel using D-PM.ms
  • csv-files

Data Security

  • Data storage in the D-MS 500 KE with internal ring memory of 32 days
  • Internal data storage with dual redundancy via RAID1
  • External data storage
  • Storage manager including alarm messages

Internet-/Intranet Connection

  • Automatic data transfer to any web server in the Internet for visualisation via HTML
  • Daily data control


  • Day tables, month tables and year tables
  • Bar graphs and Line graphs with current and historical data
  • Characteristic curves and correlation
  • Message management with commentary function


Variants of D-DAS 2000

System workstation consisting of:
  • D-EMS 2000 Client PCe
    Midi Tower PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR II RAM, 1 S-ATA Hard Disk Drive >= 250 GB without radio controlled clock, DVD Writer, 22" TFT monitor, keyboard, optical mouse, Windows 7 (32 bit) Professional in English language,
  • D-DAS 2000 Soft
    Evaluation software in English language
Input and output modules, basic systeminstallation & parameterization should be added if required!
D-DAS 2000D-DAS 2000 SOFT
Emission data evaluation software acc. to the European regulation and the US-EPA with software D-ER500 and visualisation software D-DAS
incl. standard spreadsheets (daily, monthly, yearly and availability),
4 standard screen masks and comment, recorder and spreadsheet functions, incl. dongle
1x Modbus (TCP / RTU) to connect analysis equipment already included
without suitability test
Services, Input and output modules and PC should be added!

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