D-VTA 200-Mobile

For flexible operations

The video based Thermography System D-VTA 200-Mobile is a transportable system to monitor industrial, high temperature processes.

Technical Data

TypeD-VTA 200-Mobile
Video systemDigital over GigE,
standard resolution 1280 X 960 pixels
Thermography for each pixel, range1.000°C – 2.000°C / 1.800 - 3.600°F
Optical alignmentSensor 0°: axially-parallel to sensor axis
Sensor 45°: angled 45° to sensor axis
Optical field of viewSensor 0° : horizontal 72°, vertical 54°, diagonal 90°
Sensor 45° : horizontal 48°, vertical 36°, diagonal 60°
Weight of sensorApp. 12 kg
Insertion depth of sensormax. 600 mm
Minimale wall opening for sensor45 mm diameter
Auxiliary power, Notebook100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz, 500 VA
Temperature in combustion chamberwater chilled sensor: < 2.000°C/3.600, depending on cooling media
Ambient temperaturesensor housing and cale: -30 ... +80°C / -22 ... +176°F
Dedicated notebook: +1° ... 40°C / +34 ... 104°F
Dedicated notebook15", dedicated graphic card 1920 x 1080, min. i7, SSD
Instrument air supply15 -50 Nm3/h
Optional cooling water supply350 l/h
Monitoring of sensor tip temperatureContinuously displayed with alarm and history

Your Benefit

  • Mobile and flexible
    Portable system easy and fast to install
  • Documentation and compare
    The test results can be easily stored as video files, screenshots or datafiles for excel. Then the results of different tests can be compared. So a comparision in time or different location is posible 
  • Test and demo
    In many combustion applications it's not clear, were is more or less dust or flame. So the D-VTA 200 Mobile can be used to test and define the best possible installation position before installig a fixed Furnace Camera


In high temperature processes the contact-free online information directly out of the combustion chamber with combustion process and temperature analysis is the determining technology for all procedural details like:

  • Combustion stability and ignition control
  • Combustion management and spatial temperature distribution
  • Local fuel-/air ratio and efficency
  • Burnout characteristic with COx and loss of ignition control
  • Slagging properties and cleaning cycles
  • Temperature based material stress
  • Product quality in Cement, Glass and Metal industries

The answer to this measurement and analysing task is the D-VTA 200-Mobile system. The D-VTA 200-Mobile system is the adaptable, not fixed stationary installed combustion analysis system based on optical analysis of the combustion process.

The system offers an on-line inspection of the combustion system and the combustion chamber on the basis of online spatial multi point temperature measurement with Thermography and real time color video analysis directly from the furnace out of the combustion chamber with big optical opening angle and high pixel resolution. It enables the user to easily compare different combustion situations, the combustion from one furnace with another or the performance of an individual burner.

Offline Thermography

The D-VTA 200 Offline enables the user to thermography videos retrospectivly (offline) which are recorded on a D-VTA 200 System.

The available offline videos can be selected on the desktop. The Offline Thermography contains the standard functionality of an online system like:

  • Moving of ROI and LOI positions
  • Historical data from the offline database
  • Printing and saving















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