D-VTA 200

For the power industry

The Video-based D-VTA 200 Thermography System is a modular system for monitoring industrial high temperature processes.

Intelligent sensors allow contactless, optical and thermal online analysis of processes in the combustion chamber.

Basic System


  • 19" industrial PC incl. 24" LED monitor
  • Industrial Mainboard long-term available
  • Power supply 110/230VAC, 50-60Hz, 400W


  • Live and Thermography Image
  • Free defineable ROIs (Region Of Interest) for measuring the temperature
  • Video recording to HDD
  • Remote control of Furnace Sensor and the Retraction Unit
  • Historical Alarm Display
  • SQL database with historical storage for one year
  • SQL to ASCII export, for importing into Excel
  • User defineable historical Trend Display
  • Limo (Line Of Interest) function and history
  • Operating System: Linux

Your Benefit

  • Enhance combustion Efficiency
    Depending on the boiler type and used fuels it's possible to optimise the temperture distribution. In some installtions it's possible to see the soot on the walls.
  • Less tube ruptures, reduce down time
    The detection and optimisation of the fireball will help to have less tube ruptures, because the the flames will not heat the tubes partly to much.
  • Optimisation aid in case of chaning load or fuels
    Many fossil fuel boiler has to change there loads many times a week and has to go down below 25% of load. In this low conditions the Furnace Sensor can be used to monitor the lower elevatons and see if the flames are getting unstable. Also the System can be used to change faster from oil to coal.


Image Fireball

The D-VTA 200 Fireball software is designed for the use in tangential fired boiler.

The software calculates the position of the fireball and draws the position in the thermo image. The actual position can be compared with a defineable optimal position.

The values can be sent over a process connecton to the DCS and can be used to optimise the combustion.


  • Detection of the Temperature Distribution in side combustion chambers; analysis of unbalanced combustion processes
  • Burning analysis and slag monitoring in power plants
  • Visualization of flame post combustion chambers and flame front monitoring in waste incineration plants
  • Monitoring ore calcination and hazardous waste disposal in the chemical industry
  • Annealing and pusher furnace monitoring in the steel industry
  • Scale formation and melting charge control in the glass industry

The Thermography Analysis System additionally offers:

  • Temperature determination of each visible image point of the video sensor
  • Thermal analysis of the local temperature distribution
  • Temperature definition within freely definable measuring window and lines (ROI = Region of Interest / LOI = Line Of Interest).
  • Analysis of thermal samples to identify anomalies in the combustion process

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