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8th GRIMM Exchange of Experiences of the Measurement Networks + Nano meets Enviro

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After the long break caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the “GRIMM Exchange of Experiences of the Measurement Networks + Nano meets Enviro” conference event will again take place on 23 and 24 May 2023 in Bad Reichenhall.

The aim of this meeting is to offer a platform for an exchange of experiences among users of GRIMM environmental dust monitors, especially users from European measurement networks. You are cordially invited to join a discussion of current measurements, which can give a fresh impetus not only to other participants, but also to us with regard to product development and optimization. Our service engineer will be available for questions on service and calibration.

Participation is not only interesting for managers of governmental and industrial measurement networks, but also for technicians whose daily work involves the calibration, maintenance and servicing of our instruments.

The focus of the first day of the event will be on the exchange of measurement networks on the measurement of outdoor particulate matter concentrations and solutions for ultra-sensitive gas measuring devices on an optical basis. An increasingly important aspect is the challenge of constantly decreasing mass concentrations combined with a growing need for high-precision, real-time particulate matter measuring devices in the sub-10 microgram range.

Ultra-fine particles (UFP) will be a particular focus on the second day of the event, where top-class speakers will present the results of current measurement campaigns, highlight the risks of UFP and discuss experiences with the latest measurement methods. Another focus will be on the standards prEN 16976 and CEN/TS 17434 of the European Committee for Standardization CEN, which propose a harmonized method for determining the particle number concentration and particle size distribution of UFP in outdoor air. 

The event will take place over two days, each with a separate theme. Participation is possible either on both days or on just one of the two.

  • Wednesday, 10 April: GRIMM Exchange of Experiences of the Measurement Networks
  • Thursday, 11 April: Nano meets Enviro – Ultrafine particles in the ambient air
  • On Monday, 9 April, we invite you to a get-together with dinner at 19.00.