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Combustion and safety monitoring

Start and operate combustions reliably and safely

Industrial combustion is used to generate heat and energy, to produce products through chemical reactions or to destroy and convert waste. They often serve several of these purposes simultaneously. Our combustion technology products and systems are used wherever flames are ignited and safe, always-available combustions are operated on an industrial scale.


Combustion technology is primarily about safety: the safe ignition of flames, controlled combustion and the control and monitoring of various combustion systems. DURAG GROUP products are developed for use in demanding process conditions, and they do their job with maximum reliability. Another important thing – our products and services support you as a user to meet the requirements of the legal and normative framework.

Availability and energy efficiency

Every unplanned shutdown of a plant can cause high costs. That’s why we offer safe, stable and durable products for combustion plants, burners and flare systems that set themselves apart with maximum reliability even under demanding process conditions. Intelligent solutions such as our video and thermography systems help operators to run their combustion plants as efficiently as possible, reducing fuel costs and avoiding downtime.

A one-stop source for all technologies

The DURAG GROUP has more than 70 years of experience in the area of combustion technology, with a very large installation base all over the world. The portfolio of our companies DURAG, HEGWEIN and SMITSVONK includes certified, safe and highly-available products for ignition and combustion and for the control and monitoring of combustion plants, burner systems and flare systems of all kinds.