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Combustion and safety monitoring

Combustion control

Combustion controls from the DURAG GROUP are a key element of the safety technology used at combustion plants. They ensure safe operation of the plant, control of the combustion in accordance with standards and when necessary also ensure that the plant is put into a safety shutdown in the event of a malfunction. Apart from the safety aspect, a combustion control also makes it possible to optimize the operating time and efficiency of a plant.

Given the large variety of combustion processes to be controlled and possible fuel combinations, the field of burner controls is extremely diverse. Simple burner controls can electrically ignite and operate a burner for a single fuel. The sequence is fixed and cannot be changed. Flexible burner controls allow the configuration of process parameters and the control of burners that are operated with different fuels and ignited by ignition burners. Complex burner or combustion controls can regulate burners in terms of their output or their fuel-air ratio, control many burners or even entire boilers at the same time and perform numerous other functions. 

While simple burner controls are typically designed as a device in a single housing, more complex controllers can consist of a combination of several modules in separate housings.

Automatic burner control

Our automatic burner controls ensure that gas and oil burners as well as combined gas/oil burners of any capacity are fired safely and reliably in accordance with standards. Among other things, they control the combustion air supply, ignition, the opening and closing of the fuel valves and flame formation using predefined sequential processes. We offer reliable automatic burner controls for all industrial combustion applications. Burner control inputs and outputs as well as processes and controls depend on the specific requirements in place and can be configured on site.

First out annunciator

First out annunciators log the chronological sequence of the various inputs and outputs of a burner control and offer the possibility of shorter times for their commissioning through targeted troubleshooting. 

Display module

The display module is an expansion module for the D-GF 150 burner control with a wide range of functions from the first out annunciator and a plain text display to fieldbus communication.

Pressure switch

The pressure switch is a piece of equipment for integration into a higher-level control unit. The pressure switch detects the pressure and sends a signal.