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Process monitoring

Acquire process data and optimize processes

Holistic monitoring of industrial production processes ensures that plant operators can not only respond to anomalies in the process flow in good time, but can also optimize the process proactively. Time-delayed data acquisition, for example by means of discontinuous measurements, is often not sufficient for this purpose. Data needs to be collected online and analyzed as soon as it is available – in real time. In this way, process monitoring can help to make regular operation reliable and cost-saving and to react immediately to deviations.

A one-stop source for all technologies

The DURAG GROUP has an extensive product portfolio with an installed base of devices and systems around the world and decades of experience in the area of process monitoring. The product range of our companies DURAG DATA SYSTEMS and AP2E includes software and hardware products as well as solutions for continuous acquisition, long-term storage, evaluation and visualization of environmental and process data. The solutions can be adapted to any plant size up to overall evaluation of complex industrial locations.

Measurement technology for process optimization

The precise analysis of production processes is very complex. Precise measurement results, such as those provided by our innovative and proven devices in a wide range of applications, are an important step in this process. Our specialists from a wide range of disciplines also have in-depth knowledge of your application. If required, we can advise you on all matters relating to process analytics and how you can use it to optimize processes efficiently and sustainably – even in compliance with the strictest legal requirements.