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Tunnel and traffic monitoring

Gas monitoring

Gas monitors from JES ELEKTROTECHNIK, a DURAG GROUP company, are based on electrochemical sensors for on-site measurement of gas concentration and were specially developed for use in tunnels. Carbon monoxide (CO) can have an adverse effect on well-being and cause problems with concentration and health after a short time, even at concentrations of as little as 50 ppm in the air we breathe. To counteract adverse effects of this kind, the CO concentration in the tunnel driving space is measured continuously.


Ambient air is fed via a capillary to an electrochemical sensor cell, where the CO gas reacts with the sensor’s working electrode to create a current flow proportional to the concentration. The sensor calculates the gas concentration in ppm from this current flow. The sensor’s output current depends on the set measuring range and the measured gas concentration.

Our precise, low-maintenance and IoT-capable “smart/ECS” gas sensors are designed for easy handling and flexible integration into tunnel control systems. A “smart/ECS” can be equipped and operated with up to 4 different gas sensors (CO, NO, NO2 etc.).