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Tunnel and traffic monitoring

Safe mobility for people and environment

In the modern road network, tunnels in particular form important connecting routes that are essential for the flow of traffic but are difficult to reroute in the event of a disruption. At the same time, they pose an increased threat to human life in the event of accidents and fires. Our sensors form the core of modern safety concepts that ensure traffic safety in tunnel structures and other neuralgic traffic infrastructures around the world.

Monitoring of a special microclimate

Tunnel operators must ensure that road users have sufficient visibility and are supplied with breathable air at all times. Various parameters such as visibility, gas concentrations, air flow and luminance need to be monitored for this purpose. The monitoring of air and light conditions is regulated by international and national regulations and standards.

Tunnel sensors from the market leader

Within the DURAG GROUP, JES ELEKTROTECHNIK GmbH is responsible for the tunnel and environmental sensors business segment. With its “JES” brand, this Austrian company has specialized in tunnel sensors for over 30 years and leads the market with its innovative, durable sensors. The new “JES smart/sensors” set a new standard in digitization worldwide.