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Emission and raw gas monitoring

Indispensable for environmental protection

Industry and transport are the main sources of environmental pollution caused by emissions. The monitoring of and adherence to limit values serves to protect our environment – a responsibility of society as a whole, and one that is also made clear by the steady and continuous tightening of environmental and safety requirements. We have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling this responsibility with future-oriented solutions in emission measurement technology and raw gas monitoring.

Application overview emission monitoring

add_circle_outline check_circle D-EMS 2020

D-EMS 2020

Data acquisition and handling system D-EMS 2020 D-EMS 2020
Data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) for the acquisition, calculation, long-term storage and visualization of data in the most diverse areas. Compliant with European and US EPA-based regulations.
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DURAG Sensor accessories for supply and control
Versatile, combinable accessories for supplying DURAG sensors with power and purge air, as well as flexible control options.
add_circle_outline check_circle Volume flow measurement systems 

Volume flow measurement systems 

Volume flow measurement systems 
Volume flow measuring systems from the DURAG GROUP ensure reliable and continuous volume flow measurement even under difficult plant conditions.
add_circle_outline check_circle Dust and opacity monitors

Dust and opacity monitors

Dust and opacity monitors
Dust monitors from the DURAG GROUP determine the dust concentration in dry and humid flue gases reliably, accurately and continuously.
add_circle_outline check_circle Gas analysis

Gas analysis

Gas analysis
DURAG GROUP gas analyzers are used in industry and research for a variety of different applications in continuous emission and process monitoring.
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Predictive emission monitoring system DATACEMS
Software-based PEMS for continuous real-time monitoring of pollutants such as NOX, SO2, CO, HC or reference variables such as O2. 
add_circle_outline check_circle Environmental dust monitors

Environmental dust monitors

Environmental dust monitors
PM measuring systems from the DURAG GROUP measure the particle number size distribution of dust and ultrafine airborne particles.
add_circle_outline check_circle ProCeas Air

ProCeas Air

Laser infrared spectrometer ProCeas Air
Fully pre-calibrated multi-component gas analyzer, e.g. for ambient air, workplace or greenhouse gas applications. Designed for low to medium gas concentrations.
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Filter monitor D-FW
Filter monitor for monitoring the efficiency and function of filters and filter systems by qualitative measurement of the dust concentration in dry process and flue gases.

Documenting and verifying emissions

Operators of industrial plants emitting air pollutants are obliged to measure their emissions. Limit values set out in relevant laws and regulations have to be adhered to and monitored by operators and the results of their monitoring have to be passed on to the competent authorities. Our products for the exact measurement of emissions from industrial plants are suitability-tested and certified for official emission monitoring.

A one-stop source for all technologies

The DURAG GROUP has an extensive product portfolio and decades of experience in the field of emission monitoring. The solutions available from our companies DURAG, DURAG DATA SYSTEMS and AP2E include durable and low-maintenance measuring devices for all requirements. They enable application-based selection of different methods for the measurement and monitoring of the dust concentration and volume flow in flue gas and for continuous mercury and multi-component gas analysis.