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The companies in the DURAG GROUP

Six manufacturing companies, strategic partners and numerous sales and service branches and offices make the DURAG GROUP a global player. With their individual strengths, all contribute to the overall success of the group, and all are united by a common goal: to offer our customers measurable added value with solutions across technologies and applications, expert advice and intelligent services. Our international experts analyze specific market requirements, develop tailor-made products and solutions with due regard to local standards and regulations, and are always there for you as your business partner for project management.

DURAG GmbH specializes in state-of-the-art technologies and services in the areas of combustion technology and emission measurement. For over 75 years, scientific work and technical progress have defined our innovation-driven company. As its namesake, and with both the largest production range (around 13,000 products annually) and the largest development department, the company today plays a leading role within the DURAG GROUP. 

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A manufacturer of software and hardware products, DURAG DATA SYSTEMS is a pioneer in the areas of environmental and process data management. In addition to monitoring of regulatory limits, this specialized field of environmental protection also includes remote monitoring of emission data, greenhouse gas emissions trading and emission monitoring using predictive emission monitoring systems (PEMS). 


AP2E is a company specializing in gas analysis using highly sensitive laser measurement methods and enhanced sampling systems. AP2E solutions are used in scientific and industrial applications such as environmental metrology, process optimization and ambient air monitoring. There are more than 700 AP2E gas analysis solutions in use worldwide, including mobile and online gas analyzers and continuous emission, process gas and gas purity monitoring systems.

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GRIMM AEROSOL takes pride in its “made in Europe” optical aerosol measurement systems and is one of the best-known companies in the field of environmental and workplace safety measurements. It has thousands of systems operating reliably and precisely around the world for public authorities, research and educational institutions, safety engineers or accredited air quality measurement bodies. Its measuring devices, with ranges starting at less than 1 nanometer and going up to 35 micrometers, can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated in measuring containers, and under the most extreme conditions.

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SMITSVONK specializes in high-energy ignition and control systems for industrial combustion processes. The company develops tailor-made solutions for all industrial requirements, primarily in the petrochemical and iron and steel industries. SMITSVONK systems are known worldwide for their high degree of reliability and guaranteed ignition, particularly under demanding conditions such as heavy dirt, extreme humidity or aggressive gases.

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HEGWEIN is a company specializing in gas and oil ignition burners and gas burners for industrial applications. Its systems are individually tailored to its customers’ process requirements and include particularly compact designs or solutions for use in all explosion-proof zones.

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With its “JES” brand, JES Elektrotechnik GmbH is our strategic partner and the member of the DURAG GROUP responsible for the tunnel sensor sector. This specialist Austrian company offers environmental sensor solutions for traffic applications and is your one-stop source for all of the environmental sensors typically used in tunnels.

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