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Tunnel and traffic monitoring

Luminance measurement

Luminance meters are sensors specially developed for use in tunnels to measure ambient or roadway luminance. Luminance describes what people perceive as brightness and is the key control variable for the adjustment of tunnel lighting.

The ambient luminance is measured in front of the tunnel portal (approach section), while the roadway luminance is measured in the access section and the inner section of the tunnel to ensure that the lighting conditions are adapted to the human eye.

The human eye takes time to get used to the lower lighting level in a tunnel, especially in daylight. According to national and international guidelines and standards, tunnel lighting control must ensure that drivers can safely approach, drive through and exit a tunnel during the day and at night. The goal is to enable drivers to detect obstacles in the tunnel in good time and to stop in good time.

JES ELEKTROTECHNIK, a DURAG GROUP company, offers sensors for measuring ambient luminance and roadway luminance.