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Ambient monitoring

Accessories aerosol measurement

GRIMM develops, manufactures and sells particle measuring devices for a wide range of applications. In addition to operators of measuring networks for air quality, the users of our products also include numerous research facilities and development departments in industry.

Because our measuring systems often have to meet very specific customer requirements, we offer a wide range of suitable accessories. Special sensors, housings and expansion components make it possible to adapt our devices specifically to the aerosol source in question, and so to find an optimum solution for the task at hand. Network technology and consumables round off our range.


Some specific measurement setups require high particle number concentrations that exceed the specification of the instruments used. To obtain reliable and valid data even in demanding applications of this kind, GRIMM offers a range of diluters ranging from 1:10 to approx. 1:1000 – including solutions for high temperature applications.

Meteorological sensors

Aerosol research and regulatory dust monitoring go hand in hand with the prevailing meteorology. Used in conjunction with weather sensors, GRIMM measuring devices enable comparison of the particle load with climatic changes and even modeling of the particle sources on the basis of the measured wind direction and speed with which the aerosols are transported.

Weather protection housings

For applications where large measurement containers either do not fit or are not available, GRIMM offers standalone, high-performance weather protection housings for 19″ rack instruments in various sizes. The housings are portable and suitable for all weather conditions from tropical heat to arctic cold. Integrated, digitally controlled air conditioning units reliably maintain the setpoint temperature at ambient temperatures between ‑20 °C and +60 °C.

Sampling and conditioning

For sound aerosol detection, correct aerosol sampling is the most important first step. To support users of our measuring systems with loss-free aerosol detection, GRIMM offers a selection of different sampling systems that are used as appropriate to the specific application.

Data communication

Data collected by our measuring systems can be viewed and processed quickly and securely in standardized table formats using GSM data transfer. The Grimm data logger allows the creation of a user-specific and password-protected cloud file from this data.