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Aerosol measurement on the research vessel METEOR

The AirQualifier EDM 264 from GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK is a mobile aerosol spectrometer and enables real-time data analysis of particle number, dust mass and meteorological data. During expeditions of the research vessel METEOR, the robustly designed and autonomously operating device measures emissions on the world's oceans.

At a glance

Project participants: German Marine Research Alliance (Deutsche Allianz für Meeresforschung, DAM), German Research Vessel Control Center (LDF), shipping company Briese, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS)
Industry: Science and research
Application: Particulate matter measurement in outdoor areas, basic research, research expeditions
Product: AirQualifier EDM 264


Aeorosol measurement on one of the largest German research vessels

The METEOR is the third largest research vessel in Germany, supervised by the German Research Vessel Control Center of the University of Hamburg. Basic research in various scientific disciplines are conducted with and on the METEOR. The subjects of investigation include the atmosphere, suspended water column, marine life and the ocean floor. The METEOR, which is equipped with 28 places for scientific personnel, is deployed in the Atlantic, the East Pacific, the West Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and also in the Baltic Sea.

The continuously measuring AirQualifier EDM 264 of GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK, a member of the DURAG GROUP, was installed on board the METEOR in collaboration with the German Marine Research Alliance (Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung, DAM), the German Research Vessel Control Center (LDF), the shipping company Briese and the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS). During expeditions on the world's oceans, the robustly designed, waterproof and autonomously functioning device measures aerosols to gain a better understanding of their sources and transport. The EDM 264 can be used to determine dust mass fractions and particle number size distributions. It enables real-time analysis of data on meteorological conditions – ideal for using measurements to determine a more accurate location map of aerosol distribution on oceans around the globe.

The AirQualifier is integrated into an automated data transfer system in the scope of a project with DAM so that personnel and maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum – a particularly important aspect on a research vessel that is constantly on the move. The collected offshore data is sent together with all other scientific data onshore and will be analyzed in each case and published for further research purposes.

The activity is planned to be permanent and will be supervised by Mira Pöhlker of TROPOS, Gauvain Wiemer (DAM), Frank Börner of Briese Research and supported by Achim Edfelder of GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK.

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Two technicians install a fine dust measuring device on the research vessel METEOR
Installed fine dust measuring device EDM 264 on the research vessel METEOR