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State-of-the-art air quality monitoring in the fight against pollutants

Air quality in the German capital Berlin has been measured continuously for more than 45 years now. The job of the Berlin Air Quality Monitoring Network (BLUME) is to detect and assess air pollution with a view to ensuring that targeted countermeasures can be taken to safeguard the quality of Berlin’s air.

At a glance

Customer: Berlin Air Quality Monitoring Network (BLUME), Germany
Industry: Public sector 
Applications: Air quality measurement 
Products: Aerosol spectrometer EDM 180


Modern aerosol measurement technology from GRIMM AEROSOL

Its measurements focused originally on sulfur dioxide only, but over time, the measurement of other pollutants was added. GRIMM AEROSOL, a member of the DURAG GROUP since 2015, is now the official supplier and partner of the Berlin Air Quality Monitoring Network and has equipped its 17 fixed measuring stations and one special measuring point with state-of-the-art EDM 180 aerosol spectrometers.

In addition to measurement of components such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, benzene and carbon monoxide, particulate matter pollution in suburbs, rural areas and hotspots can now also be measured and analyzed.