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Continuous multi-gas measurement with LaserCEM®

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Wide range of applications for the combination of OFCEAS and LPS

Hamburg / Aix en Provence, 15th of March, 2022 It operates autonomously, online-based, reliably pre-calibrated and scores with a particularly high measurement stability and high sensitivity: the innovative LaserCEM® analyzer. It is based on infrared lasers, certified by TÜV and MCERTS according to EN 15267 (commonly named QAL1) and used in many industries worldwide. The secret of its success is the combination of two patents: OFCEAS, gas analysis technic and  LPS, a sampling method, resulting in numerous advantages for continuous industrial emission monitoring. It was developed by AP2E, a DURAG GROUP company.

LaserCEM® is a multi-component gas analyzer for CEM applications. It is designed for medium to the lowest gas concentrations and thus suitable for process analysis and CEMs in waste incineration, gas turbines, firing, biomass utilization as well as waste gas treatment.

Combined technology, advanced measurement level

In contrast to the absorption technology Enhanced Cavity TDLAS, OFCEAS (Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy) is based on the feedback principle. Here, highly reflective mirrors (> 99.99 %) within a 40-centimeter cell (and with a small volume of 25 ml) enable an optical path of up to 20 kilometers. Thus, even minimal gas concentrations can be identified, intense absorption peaks with low spectral width. Another advantage of the system is its particularly high measurement stability. In addition to greater accuracy, this means greater efficiency: compared to other analysis methods, the self-referenced OFCEAS technology eliminates zero point reference and span check.

The measuring ranges of the LaserCEM® extend from ppm to percent. Even at low concentrations, it measures standard gas species (O2, H2O, NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4) many times per second, as well as increasingly focused gases such as HCHO (formaldehyde), H2S, HF, HCl, and NH3. The gas compounds HF, HCl, NH3, CO, H2S and CHOH can also be easily measured in sub-ppm concentrations. Another plus is the low exhaust gas flow rate at atmospheric pressure, which reduces drastically the risks of clogging at the sampling probe in case of high concentration of particulate matters. Because dust accumulation in the analyzer filters is more than ten times lower compared to classical methods, service and spare parts costs are thus reduced.

Fields of application of the future-oriented technology

As further emission limit reductions by the authorities are foreseeable, OFCEAS is an important analysis technology – now and in the future. Many industrial companies in various sectors are already benefiting from LaserCEM®. This form of continuous emission monitoring is used primarily in waste incineration, refineries and petrochemical plants, as well as a control instrument for formaldehyde concentrations in gas turbines and the manufacture of wood panels. 

In a nutshell
LaserCEM® is based on OFCEAS (Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy) and LPS (Low Pressure Sampling) technologies and has been QAL1 certified by TÜV and MCERTS according to EN 15267. As part of the DURAG GROUP, AP2E manufactures and supplies the equipment as well as complete CEMS instrumentation including DAHS, dust, flow, Hg) through DURAG partners and DURAG subsidiaries worldwide.