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Emission reduction with tailor-made ignition systems

Together with an industry-leading power engineering company, DURAG USA was commissioned with the energy modernization of three power plants in the US. The client in this case was one of the largest energy producers in the United States.

At a glance

Location: Three locations in the United States
Industry: Power generation 
Application: Modernization of coal-fired power plants 
Products: Customized high energy igniters D-HG 400 und D-HG 500


Three power plants, one major project

The long-term goal of the energy utility is to reduce carbon emissions from its power plants by 40 percent by 2030. The multi-facility project, which was divided into four different project phases, therefore focused primarily on reducing emissions. 

To meet the stated target, the DURAG GROUP provided a total of more than 150 ignition units with flexible ignition lances and retraction units to upgrade the main gas burners at eight coal-fired boiler units. To allow for different firing methods and to meet other individual requirements of the boilers, which have an output of between 598 and 1,120 megawatts, specially designed flexible ignition lances were required in some cases.

The robust and reliable D-HG 400 and D-HG 500 high-energy ignition technology platforms were therefore customized by our US and German engineering teams for each individual boiler upgrade.