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DURAG GROUP Announces New ATEX and IECEx Certification for D-R 808 In-situ Dust Monitor


Hamburg (Germany), June 7, 2024 – DURAG GROUP is proud to announce that its D-R 808 in-situ dust monitor has received the prestigious ATEX & IECEx certification, marking a significant advancement in continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS). This certification confirms that the D-R 808 is now ready to operate safely in hazardous environments, reducing the risk of ignition and explosion while providing unparalleled monitoring accuracy for industrial emissions.

The D-R 808 sets a new benchmark for dust monitoring with its capability to measure particulate concentrations from 0 - 7.5 mg/m³, the lowest range achievable for a dust CEMS. This certification underscores DURAG GROUP’s commitment to ensuring plant compliance with stringent international standards for industrial emissions.

Key features and benefits

The D-R 808 is engineered with durable construction, featuring no moving parts in the flue gas flow, ensuring long-lasting reliability and minimal maintenance efforts. It is designed to perform effectively in extreme conditions, including high-temperature stacks and hazardous zones. Its single-side installation eliminates the need for optical alignment, making it ideal for thick-walled or double-walled ducts. The user-friendly flange allows for easy installation and maintenance.

The D-R 808 utilizes forward scattering technology for advanced measurement accuracy, minimizing cross-sensitivity to particle type and size. The simplified audit process allows for easy verification with manual filters without removing the device from the stack. Additionally, the status-dependent indicator light provides clear visual feedback on the operational state, and the pressure-controlled purge air system protects the dust monitor in case of blower or plant instrument air system failure. These features collectively result in reduced maintenance and operational costs, providing a robust and cost-effective monitoring solution.

Applicable for a wide range of industries

The D-R 808 is ideal for a wide range of industries and applications, including waste-to-energy plants, metal industries (such as steel and aluminum production), mineral processing (including cement and gypsum manufacturing), chemical industries, refineries, and power generation plants (coal, gas, biomass, etc.). It is particularly suited for monitoring non-condensing / dry flue gases in process applications and for emission compliance after bag filters, cartridge filters, cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, or without any filtration.

Certifications and international regulatory compliance

The D-R 808 is TÜV and MCERTs certified to EN 15267 and EN 14181 standards and holds QAL1 compliance for stack emissions monitoring. It is also US EPA capable as PM-CEMS or PM-CPMS, ensuring compliance with global environmental regulations. The dust monitor can be used for compliance with major environmental regulations worldwide, including the United States (Clean Air Act, Mercury and Air Toxics Standards), the European Union (Industrial Emissions Directive, Large Combustion Plants Directive, Medium Combustion Plants Directive, etc.), the United Kingdom (Environmental Permitting Regulations), Australia (National Environment Protection Measure), China (Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, National Emission Standards for Air Pollutants (NESAP)), India (CPCB and SPCB guidelines for CEMS measurements, National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)), and many others.

Local support, global reach

Customers benefit from local commissioning and services through our extensive network of partners and corporate organizations, ensuring rapid assistance and expertise wherever they are. DURAG GROUP’s global reach combined with local support guarantees reliable service and maintenance, enhancing the operational efficiency of the plants. Furthermore, DURAG GROUP is dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for industries, from combustion optimization and safety to environmental compliance and atmospheric impact. The D-R 808 provides the industry with precise, reliable, and safe dust monitoring.



The Hamburg-headquartered DURAG GROUP is a globally operating group of companies and one of the market leaders for intelligent solutions in the fields of environmental and ambient air monitoring, data management as well as ignition systems and safety equipment for reliable industrial combustion processes. The associated group companies offer modern technology, certified equipment and reliable services that are tailored to the individual needs of customers worldwide. The product portfolio is also H2-ready. This means that the DURAG GROUP acts as a one-stop shop for all industrial processes.


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