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DURAG GROUP launched joint venture with ICP Ltd.

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DURAG has strengthened its position in the Russian market by Joint Venture with ICP Ltd.

Hamburg, 6th of December, 2017 - The DURAG GROUP and ICP Ltd. in Russia have entered into a joint venture. All activities of DURAG Russia have been transferred and will be represented by Mrs. Elena Elenskaya as Managing Director of ICP.

This joint venture not only enables DURAG to benefit from the core competence of ICP on the Russian oil and gas market for combustion, but also to participate in the expansion of investments in process and gas analysis. This will result in a strong broadening of further core competences and applications in the power, incineration and cement industry.

DURAG and ICP have been working together closely on the Russian market since 2007. ICP has even started assembling of burners for Hegwein early this year. The cooperation has been even further solidified by entering into the joint venture. The good business relations ICP has built up will contribute to a successful expansion of DURAG’s position on the Russian market.

On ICP Ltd.:
I&CP Group Ltd. was founded in April 2000. 20 employees are working in the fields of combustion, process analysis and emission monitoring. Well known projects of ICP include BMS and control panels Saflor as well as SHS Frezia. The organizational structure consists of administration, technical department, production and sales.