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Modern emission analysis technology for power plant in Estonia

The LaserCEM and the D-EMS 2020 environmental and process data management system were installed at the combined heat and power plant in the village of Iru, Maardu, Estonia. The plant is located within the metropolitan region of the Estonian capital Tallinn. It has a heating capacity of 698 MWt and was to be equipped with modern gas analyzers and data management systems certified according to QAL1 (by TÜV and MCERTS according to EN 15267). In mid-February 2023, the new CEMS solution including probes, analyzers as well as data management system was put into operation.

At a glance

Customer: Enefit Green (Estland)
Integration partner: AS Teramet
Industry: Power generation
Application: Gas analysis, emission monitoring and data management
Products: Gas analyzer (LaserCEM) and data management system (D-EMS 2020)


LaserCEM and D-EMS 2020 are used in the Tallinn metropolitan region

The new technology measures emissions in the main stack after abatement, filtering and flue gas cleaning before they are released into the atmosphere. This is done in compliance with local environmental regulations by documenting the recorded readings in a report. This allows government inspectors to understand the concentration and reference levels of each pollutant released and decide whether they are within acceptable national and international limits.

The project was placed with and subsequently handled by our supply and maintenance partner AS Teramet in Tallinn in April 2022. The owner of the Iru power plant is Enefit Green, a subsidiary of Eesti Energia. 

DURAG Sales & Service usually offers a total solution from a single source, as was the case with this project. Our customers benefit from the large product portfolio within the DURAG GROUP with highly specialized subsidiaries.The process and data management system comes from DURAG DATA SYSTEMS, while the analyzer was developed by AP2E from France. All applications are designed for emission measurement and data logging in power plants and other industrial facilities.