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Emission monitoring at a refinery

The DURAG GROUP was commissioned by an Egyptian refinery operator to equip the stacks at its production plant with measuring systems for emission monitoring.

At a glance

Customer: Refinery, Egypt
Industry: Refinery 
Applictions: Emission monitoring

  • Volume flow measurement system D-FL 100 Ex
  • Dust monitor D-R 320 Ex
  • Dust and opacity monitor D-R 290 Ex


Robust measurement technology and perfect service 

Because the dust concentration at eleven stacks is low, the decision was made to use the powerful D-R 320 Ex dust meter from DURAG, which is certified for a concentration of only 7.5 milligrams per cubic meter. 

At one stack with a high sulfur content and extremely high temperature (approx. 800 °C), the dust meter D-R 290 Ex (high temperature version) was used together with the volume flow measuring device D-FL 100 Ex (special probe).

In addition, one of the customer’s main requirements was to have a reliable service provider available on site. Thanks to our worldwide network of subsidiaries and partner companies, we were also easily able to meet this requirement. After installation of the systems by the DURAG GROUP, our local partner in Egypt is now in charge of regular service and maintenance.