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Ambient monitoring

Environmental dust monitoring

PM measuring systems from the DURAG GROUP measure the particle number size distribution of dust and ultrafine airborne particles. On the basis of this precision measurement, various dust mass fractions are calculated (e.g. PM10, PM2.5, respirable fraction etc.). Our wide-range measuring devices include optical aerosol spectrometers, condensation particle counters and SMPS+C systems and cover the entire size range of aerosol particles from 5 nanometers to 35 micrometers. This has put them among the top products in aerosol measurement technology worldwide for many years now.

Making the invisible visible

Our customers use GRIMM measuring systems for numerous applications, in the form of portable battery-powered devices, compact systems for laboratory applications or stationary, robust 19" versions for continuous operation. We also offer systems with their own weather protection housing for mobile measurements in outdoor air. Because measurements in outdoor air are strictly regulated in Europe, Asia and America, our PM monitors do of course come with the appropriate approvals.

Two aerosol generators and a range of aerosol neutralizers for use with our wide range measuring device round off our product portfolio in the area of fine dust for the scientific sector and for use in comparative and efficiency tests.

Aerosol neutralizers

Bipolar aerosol neutralizers from GRIMM ensure a well-defined stationary charge distribution on the aerosols to be examined. We offer neutralizers based on radioactive sources (241Am and 63Ni) and also with alternative ionization sources based on an annular dielectric barrier discharge and based on soft X-rays. The latter are subject to considerably fewer safety restrictions for operation, transport and storage and, depending on the country, often require no special handling licenses.

Aerosol generators

GRIMM aerosol generators are used when a well-defined particle composition in conjunction with a stable particle number size distribution is required. Our devices generate aerosols from all types of liquids, suspensions and solutions, such as sodium chloride (NaCl), di(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate (DEHS) and polystyrene latex spheres (PSL), but also metal oxide particles by sublimation of tungsten oxide (WOx).