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Fine dust measurement in the „green port“ of Koper

Koper is the most important seaside town in Slovenia. To protect people, the environment and nature, the local University of Primorska has been carrying out extensive fine dust measurements there on behalf of the port authority since 2000.

At a Glance

Customer: Universität Primorska (Koper, Slowenien)
Industry: Industry and research
Applications: Fine dust measurement
Product: EDM 365-SVC, EDM 164, 11-R


Environmental measurement technology with EDM 365, EDM 164, 11-R

Koper, a city of 25,000 inhabitants, is embedded in a particularly valuable natural environment worthy of protection: In the hinterland lies Škocjansky Bay, a bird sanctuary, and to the west the Mediterranean Sea, an equally sensitive ecosystem. In order to minimize the emissions of the local industry, continuous monitoring and publicly accessible reporting are being implemented under the motto "green port". Three products from the portfolio of GRIMM AEROSOL, a company of the DURAG GROUP, are used: the fine dust monitoring systems EDM 365-SVC (dust monitoring including differentiation of semi-volatile compounds), EDM 164 and 11-R (predecessor of the 11-D).

Measuring stations are  installed in the port of Koper, in the southeastern district of Bertoki and in the northern village of Ankaran (3500 inhabitants) on the Italian border. All the data collected is published online every hour on the online portal "Living with the Port" ( and the results are also compared with those from other locations in Slovenia. The measured values are comparatively low in Koper and are to be further minimized on the basis of the investigations.

Koper is the only port in the northern Adriatic to have various quality systems in place, for example for health, safety at work and, last but not least, environmental protection: in 2000, an environmental management system was introduced for all port activities, and in December 2009, the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) was added, also known as the (EU) Eco-Audit.

GRIMM AEROSOL‘s fine dust monitors are particularly convincing due to the following features:

  • continuous and reliable operation
  • real-time monitoring of fine dust values (24/7)
  • ow maintenance requirements