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Oil ignition and pilot burner

Forced draft operated oil ignition and pilot burner with nozzle mixing device in compact, modular design for plant-specific solutions and fuel flexibility.

Functionality: Compact design, integrated ionization electrode and ionization flame monitor, integrated ignition electrode and high voltage spark transformer/high energy ignition unit, integrable burner control, fuel-specific oil nozzles, optimized fuel/air mixture and effective flame stabilization at the tube tip.

  • Compact and integrated modular design:
    • Integrated spark transformer, flame monitor or burner control
    • Integratable optical flame monitor
    • Optimal electromagnetic compatibility
    • Various oil ignition burner series with different options available
  • Standard outer tube lengths: 240 … 8,000 mm
  • Nominal heat release 100 … 3,600 kW
  • Fuel flexibility: Dual fuel ignition burner for mixed operation with oil and gases
  • Optimum oil atomization with compressed air: Flexible spray angle
  • Explosion protection: Zone 1/21 and zone 2/22 (ATEX, IECEx, FM-Ex, EAC-Ex)
  • Approvals: DVGW, AGA, FM, EAC, SIL 2/3 and cULus
  • Customized versions by HEGWEIN Engineering
  • Highest operational and functional safety
  • High availability
  • Flexible oil ignition and pilot burner designs:
    • Customer/plant-specific solutions
    • Broad range of applications in industrial combustion technology, e.g. in chemical, petrochemical and thermal process plants, as well as in power plants
  • Straightforward installation and commissioning
  • Reliable long-term spare parts availability:
    • Electrical and mechanical components can be replaced separately
  • For industrial combustion plants, thermal processes, combustion chambers, boilers, furnaces, reactors, etc. 
  • All processes in intermittent operation and continuous operation
  • Technical data
DesignCompact design with ionization electrode, integrated spark transformer, flame monitor or burner control
Flame monitorEU type-approved, SIL 2
ModeIntermittent operation / continuous operation
Supply voltage115 / 125 / 230 / 250 VAC
Output signalSPDT contact
Protection typeIP54, IP65, IP66
Standard outer tube lengthsFrom 240 ... 8,000 mm
Standard outer tube diameter50 … 160 mm
Connection threadRp, NPT
Nominal heat release100 … 3,600 kW
FuelEL heating oil, diesel, marine diesel, bio-oils
Atomization principleCompressed air / oil pressure atomizer
Oil operating pressure4 bar
Atomizing air operating pressure4 bar
Ambient temperature-40 … +80 °C
Explosion protectionZone 1/21 and zone 2/22 (ATEX, IECEx, FM-Ex, EAC-Ex)
  • Oil atomization with compressed air
  • Compact modular design
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Customer/plant specific solutions