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D-FL 100

D-FL 100
Volume flow measuring system

For continuous volume flow measurement in dry gases. Reliable, even under extreme operating conditions. 

Functionality: Differential pressure principle

  • Continuous measurement of velocity and volume flow
  • Double-sided installation for measurement over the entire duct diameter or cost-saving single-sided installation 
  • Robust and resistant probe material for use in aggressive gases or at high temperatures (optional)
  • Probe individually adapted to the application
  • Automatic back purging unit (optional)
  • Automatic internal self-test
  • Certified for official emission monitoring
  • Precise measurement of velocity and volume flow even under demanding operating conditions
  • Space-saving and easy single-sided installation (optional)
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (optional)
  • Suitable for use in hot gases
  • Continuous emission monitoring in hot or aggressive gases
  • Continuous emission monitoring in small to large duct diameters
  • Continuous emission monitoring in explosive atmospheres
  • Volume flow measurement for process control and process optimization
  • Technical data
  • Explosion protection
  • System components
Measuring principleDifferential pressure measuring principle, in-situ measurement, continuous measurement, single-sided or double-sided installation
Measuring variableDifferential pressure, velocity, volume flow, volume flow (standardized), temperature, pressure
Measuring rangeVelocity: 3 … 50 m/sVolume flow: 0 … 3,000,000 m³/h
Certified measuring range3 … 30 m/s (certification range), 3 … 50 m/s (additional range)
Ambient conditionsAmbient temperature:-20 … +50 °C (certified)-40 … +60 °C (optional)Humidity: 30 … 60% relative humidity, non-condensing
Operating conditionsIn duct:Temperature: Maximum 850 °CRelative humidity: 0 … 95%, non-condensingRelative pressure: -50 … +50 hPaDust concentration: Maximum 30 / 100 / 150 mg/m³, depending on probe version
DimensionsInner duct diameter: 0.4 … 9 mWall thickness: Maximum 300 / 800 / 1,300 mm, depending on probe version
InterfacesAnalogue output: 1x 4 … 20 mA, maximum 400 Ohm, potential-freeDigital output: 2x NC/NO, maximum 60 VDC, 30 VAC, 0.5 A Modbus RS 485 RTU, USB
Operation and displaySoftware D-ESI 100, operating unit D-ISC 100 (optional), status LED (optional)
Check functionsAutomatic internal self-test
Nominal voltage24 VDC
Degree of protectionEvaluation unit: IP65 (version in housing) / IP20 (version as top-hat rail module)Differential pressure sensor: IP67
D-FL 100-20II 2 GD Ex d IIC T5 Gb Ex tb T100°C Db (optional)
Differential pressure sensorII 1/2 G Ex ia IIC T6 … T4 Ga/Gb (optional)
Probe D-FL 100 with accessories
Differential pressure sensor D-FL 100 DDM
Evaluation unit D-FL 100-20
Pressure sensor D-FL 100 ADM (optional)
Temperature sensor D-XT (optional)
Software D-ESI 100* or Operating unit D-ISC 100**
Weather protection (optional for outdoor installation)
Automatic back purging unit (optional)

* Enables remote access via web interface, PC with Windows operating system required

** Additional interfaces with D-ISC 100 operating unit 

  • Mandatory
  • Recommended
D-ESI 100
D-ISC 100 xx2