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D-GF 75 | ASD-75
Burner controls

Self-monitoring and fail-safe burner controls for controlling simple gas burners with electric ignition.

Functionality: Safety-related control

  • Compact design
  • Control and monitoring of gas and oil burners as well as gas and oil pilot burners of any capacity
  • Pre-purge of boiler with adjustable pre-purge time and optional air pressure check
  • Adjustable safety times
  • Input for external flame monitor
  • Optional re-cycling after flame failure in operating position
  • Integrated ionization flame monitor (D-GF 75)
  • Input for a flame signal with 90 … 110 VDC (ASD-75)
  • Change of process parameters without device exchange
  • Assumption of standard-compliant safety-related switching of simple burners
  • Use of external flame monitors already in place possible
  • Frequent switching of simple burners, for example in heat treatment
  • Process heaters
  • Control of gas ignition burners
  • Technical data
Operating modeIntermittent operation and continuous operation (different variants)
Functional SafetySelf-monitoring and fail-safe
Local displayLEDs
Flame failure response time (FFRT)1 s, 2 s, 3 s or 5 s
Pre-purge time0 s, 30 s, 60 s or 120 s
Initial start-up safety time3 s, 5 s, 10 s or 15 s
Flame monitoringExternal flame monitorIonization electrode connection (D-GF 75) Flame signal 90 … 110 VDC (ASD 75)
Electrical data115/230 VAC, 20 W
Ambient conditions-20 … +60 °C
Degree of protectionIP20
Dimensions91 x103 x 118 mm (D-GF 75)113 x 103 x 118 mm (ASD 75)
WeightApprox. 1 kg
Installation DIN rail TS35