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D-GT 800 flame sensor for harsh environments

D-GT 800
Optical flame sensor

UV flame sensor for monitoring gas, oil and coal flames under particularly harsh conditions. Particularly at gas turbines or in environments with high temperature, high connection pressure or strong vibrations. 

Functionality: Optical flame monitoring

  • Can be used with high combustion chamber overpressure
  • High vibration resistance
  • Optionally available with air/water cooling
  • Self-monitoring and fail-safe in conjunction with a control unit / burner control
  • Connection to the D-UG 120, D-UG 660 control units or to D-GF 150(-MB) burner control
  • Optical flame monitoring even in particularly harsh ambient conditions
  • Cooling jacket integrated into the device housing
  • Use at high combustion chamber overpressures even without separate pressure barrier
  • Boilers with ceiling combustion in hot climates
  • Plants for fuel liquefaction or gasification at high pressure
  • Gas turbines
  • Simple combustion plants with single burners or optically separated burners
  • Combustion processes in continuous operation
  • Technical data
  • Explosion protection
Spectral sensitivityUV
Operating modeIntermittent operation and continuous operation
Functional SafetySelf-monitoring and fail-safe in conjunction with a control unit or burner control, supports safety chains up to SIL 3
Opening angle
Ambient conditions-20 … +120 °C (without cooling)-20 … +200 °C (with air cooling)-20 … +300 °C (with water cooling)
Combustion chamber overpressureMax. 30 bar
VibrationMax. 10 g
Degree of protectionWith cable gland (D-GT 800/801-P): IP67In Ex version (D-GT 800/801 Ex): IP66
ConnectionsSight tube NPT ¾″, FCooling connection NPT ½″, F
DimensionsØ 100 mm, length approx. 190 mm
WeightHousing (without cable):Approx. 1.5 kg (without cooling jacket)Approx. 2.0 kg (with cooling jacket)
Housing materialStainless steel 1.4301
D-GT 80x/ExII 2G Ex d T4/T5/T6
  • Optional
D-ZS 093 - UV-A, UV-B and IR test light source 230 V/50 Hz
D-ZS 087-20 - Digital display for optimal adjustment of the flame sensors by measuring the pulse rate and its extreme values
D-ZS 116 - Adapter for D-GT 800
D-ZS 140 - Terminal box for connecting the flame sensor
D-ZS 141 - Terminal box for connecting the flame sensor