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D-LL 703 (left) and D-LL 704

D-LL 7xx
Fibre optic systems

Fibre optic systems for combination with optical flame monitors. Transmission of electromagnetic radiation from the combustion chamber to the flame monitor when direct view is impossible or the connection conditions in place at the burner plate are particularly adverse.

Functionality: Optical flame monitoring

  • About 130 fibres in the fibre optic bundle
  • Reproducible positioning and alignment of the optics after cleaning
  • Different versions for variable applications
  • Lengths of 20 m and more possible
  • Different flame sensors/monitors can be used without modification
  • Fibre optic system not part of the Ex-certificate for the flame monitor
  • The fibre optic systems D-LL 701 and D-LL 702 can directly be connected to the flame sensor D-LE 701, for the combination with other product families special adapters are available. Fibre optic systems D-LL 703 and D-LL 704 are suitable for devices of type D-LE 703D-LX 710 and D-LX 721
  • Protection of the optical flame monitor against particularly high temperatures or strong vibrations
  • Constantly good optical view for use in confined spaces or with tilting burners
  • Long life time due to high number of fibres
  • Normal operation even during cleaning of the fibre optic system
  • Optical flame monitoring with no direct view
  • Optical flame monitoring for very long burners
  • Optical flame monitoring for tilting burners
  • Very busy burner plates
  • High temperatures at the burner plate
  • Strong vibrations at the burner plate
  • Technical data
Spectral transmissionUV, IR
Opening angle
Ambient conditionsFor fibre optic cable: -40 … +350 °C
ConnectionsPurge air G ½″Cooling air (only D-LL 703 and D-LL 701) G ½″
Intermediate tube / guide tube materialStainless steel 1.4301
WeightD-LL 701: Approx. 1.6 kg + 1 kg/mD-LL 702: Approx. 1.6 kg + 1 kg/mD-LL 703: Approx. 3 kg + 1 kg/mD-LL 704: Approx. 2 kg + 1 kg/m
  • Recommended
D-ZS 702
D-ZS 703
D-ZS 704