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D-R 820 F

D-R 820 F
Dust monitor

Extractive measurement of wet flue or process gases. For monitoring small to medium dust concentrations. 

Functionality: Forward scattering

  • Dilution of the sample
  • Hyperkinetic gas extraction
  • Single-sided installation on stack
  • Automatic zero point and reference point check
  • Automatic measurement of contamination and correction of measured values
  • Local control panel and LC display
  • Suitable for plants with variable gas velocity
  • Long life time due to stable laser light source
  • Easy commissioning, adjustment and maintenance without PC
  • Emission measurement of wet flue gases
  • Measurement of wet process gases with small to medium concentrations
  • Technical data
  • System components
Measuring principleExtraction of sample gas, dilution and heating for evaporation of H2O, forward scattering, single-sided installation
Measuring variableStray light units, calibratable as dust concentration in mg/m³
Measuring rangeMinimum 0 … 15 mg/m³Maximum 0 … 200 mg/m³
Certified measuring range 0 … 15 mg/m³
Ambient conditionsInstallation location: Indoor or outdoor installation*Temperature: -20 … +50 °C
Operating conditionsIn duct:Temperature: -25 … 220 °CRelative humidity: > 95 %, maximum 30 g/m³ H2O as aerosolRelative pressure: -30 … +2 hPa
Inner duct diameterMinimum 0.4 m
InterfaceAnalogue output: 4x 4 … 20 mA, maximum 1,000 Ohm, potential-freeDigital output: 4x NC/NO, maximum 35 VDC, 0.4 A
Operation and displaySupply and display unit on the measuring device
Check functionsAutomatic zero point and reference point measurement, automatic contamination measurement and compensation
Light sourceLaser diode, red, 650 nm

* Weather protection cover required for outdoor installation

(Bullet) Dust monitor D-R 820 F (including blower unit and supply and display unit)
  • Suitable for extreme plant conditions
  • Low lifecycle costs