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D-VE 500
Retraction unit

Pneumatic retraction unit for safe retraction and extension of the ignition lance before and after successful ignition. Used to prevent excessive temperatures and wear at the ignition tip, helping to reduce costs for spare parts.

Functionality: Pneumatic retraction unit with piston rod cylinder

  • Automatic retraction and extension of ignition lances
  • Hollow piston rod cylinder to hold the ignition lance
  • Flexible traverse length to adapt to the application
  • Also available in explosion proof version
  • Reduced wear of the ignition tip through retraction from the hot area after ignition
  • Safe and reliable ignition due to optimum positioning of the ignition tip
  • Coal-fired power plants with oil pilot burners
  • Marine: Ignition of auxiliary and special boilers on ships using gas and/or oil as fuel
  • Refineries: Use in potentially explosive atmospheres for ignition of gas, oil or other liquid fuels
  • Technical data
  • Explosion protection
Developed for use with an ignition lance with a diameter of 22 mm
Type overviewD-VE 5xx-11: Retraction unit for safe areaD-VE 5xx-22: Retraction unit for potentially explosive atmospheres
Traverse distance300, 400, 500, 600, 1,000 mm
Operating pressure2 … 10 bar
Electrical data24 VDC24, 110, 230 VAC 50 … 60 Hz; < 10VA
Ambient temperatureD-VE 5x2-x1: Safe zone: –5 … +50 °CD-VE 5x2-x2: Ex version: –5 … +40 °CD-VE 5x2-x3: Safe zone: –20 … +60 °CD-VE 5x2-x4: Ex version: –20 … +60 °CHigher upon request
Degree of protectionIP65 (D-VE 5xx-11)IP66 (D-VE 5xx-22)
Weight9 kg (D-VE 53x)11 kg (D-VE 54x)12.5 kg (D-VE 55x)14 kg (D-VE 56x)
D-VE 5xx-22 only
CylinderII 2 G c T4
Solenoid valve (optional)II 2 G c T4
Limit switch (optional)II 2 G Ex ia IIC T6

The explosion protection specified here applies to selected standard components. Other solenoid valves and components on request.

  • Hollow piston rod cylinder to hold the ignition lance. Retraction unit for potentially explosive atmospheres