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Video viewer D-VT 50

D-VT 50
Video viewer

Video viewer for displaying live video from a DURAG furnace camera on a monitor. Also displays the tip temperature of the furnace camera and controls both it and the optional retraction unit.

Functionality: Processing of an Ethernet video signal for display via HDMI on a monitor

  • Display of live video from a furnace camera
  • Remote control of the furnace camera: e.g. exposure time, gain, color temperature
  • Remote control of a retraction unit
  • Display of the tip temperature of a furnace camera
  • Simple and inexpensive system for displaying live video from a furnace camera
  • Detection of radiation and process fluctuations: The exposure time is not automatic and can be set by remote control, which means that radiation fluctuations in the process or flames are detected immediately 

  • Monitoring and control of a retraction unit 
  • Monitoring of the out burning zone in grate fired furnaces for waste or biomass incineration 
  • Monitoring of temperature distribution on and above the grate in waste or biomass power plants
  • Visualization of combustion in power plant boilers with coal, oil or gas combustion
  • Technical data
Video inputEthernet, GigE Vision
Monitor output1,920 x 1,080 via HDMI
Electrical connection100 … 240 VAC
Ambient temperature+5 … +40 °C
Connections1x GB Ethernet, RJ451x HDMI4x USB
DeliveryMicro PCPC mouse 3 m HDMI cable
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