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D-VTA 200 Mobile
Video and thermography system

Mobile, flexible video, thermography and analysis system for inspecting and documenting industrial high temperature processes and combustion systems. For combination with a digital combustion chamber camera.

  • Display of live video and thermography image
  • Freely definable regions of interest (ROI) for temperature measurements
  • Video recording on hard disc
  • User-definable historical trend display
  • Limo function (line of interest) and history
  • Mobile and flexible video and thermography system for inspection with a mobile furnace camera
  • Document and compare: Enables observation of a process from different positions. The results can be easily saved as video files, screenshots or data files for later analysis and comparison

  • Can be used for test and demo purposes, support in determining the best installation positions for a combustion chamber camera to be permanently installed

  • Optionally with a sturdy carrying case for the notebook including accessories
  • Demo and test of a video and thermography system
  • Comparison and optimization of the individual burner flames of one or more power plant boilers
  • Technical data
Brief product descriptionCompatible with all mobile combustion chamber cameras in the D-FS2… series Notebook with 15″ displayIncluding PoE Ethernet switch
Electrical connection100 … 240 VAC, 50 … 60 Hz < 100 VA
Ambient temperature+1 … +40 °C
Weight3.2 kg (notebook only)
  • Optional
Protective case
Offline thermography