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D-VTA 200 for cracking furnaces
Video and thermography system

Video and thermography systems for cracking furnaces are used in the petrochemical industry to monitor the furnace interior and production tubes. Special combustion chamber cameras are used for hazardous areas. The systems help to detect burner anomalies and combustion imbalances, reducing the risk of tube ruptures and unnecessary shutdowns.

  • Brilliant 24/7 live videos and temperature distribution from the cracking furnace
  • Special furnace camera (D-FS 50… Ex) with sensor control unit (D-SCU… Ex) for use in hazardous areas
  • Detection of imbalances and anomalies in individual burners
  • Visualization of the individual burner flames during the start-up process
  • Early detection of hotspots on the process tubes
  • Cost reduction by avoiding tube ruptures: balanced heat input to the tubes, e.g. same on right and left
  • Less downtime through early detection of combustion problems such as missing ignition or disruption of the gas or air supply to an individual burner
  • Reduction of wear and tear on the wall lining by avoiding partial overheating
  • Cracking furnaces and other petrochemical furnaces with temperatures above 600 °C
  • Monitoring of hot processes or furnaces (above 600 °C) in hazardous areas
  • Technical data
  • D-SCU 5xEx
  • D-FS 50 ... Ex
Brief product descriptionSystems with fixed installation, for hazardous areasWater or air cooled systems2 or 4 furnace cameras in one system
Sichtwinkel\t Wide angle: 90°, 72°, 54° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Standard: 60°, 48°, 36° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Zoom: 30°, 24°, 18° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)
Power supply100 ... 240 VAC, 50 ... 60 Hz
Ambient temperature-10 ... 55°C
Degree of protectionIP 66
Explosion protectionII 2GD Ex d IIC T5 Gb Ex tb IIIC T100°C Db
Video resolution1,280 x 960 Pixel
Power supply12 VDC
Degree of protectionIP 66
Explosion protectionII 3G Ex pzc IIC T4 Gc II 3D Ex pD IIIC T130°C Dc